Gymnastics is a very broad term. Both a gold medalist and your toddler attempting her first forward roll, are participating in this wonderful sport in their own way. At GymPros, we aim to provide an elite experience for everyone in the community, from beginners getting their first taste of Gymnastics to experienced gymnasts competing at high levels.

Our programs are divided along three general tracks:
Recreational, Stars and Team.


Recreational Track

These classes are the heartbeat of every gymnastics center. Designed to teach fundamental gymnastics skills in a fun and non-competitive setting, recreational classes are geared for children of all ages and levels who wish to experience the joy of this wonderful sport. No previous skill or experience necessary.

Recreational Classes+

These instructional classes are held on weeknights. Gymnasts get to learn and practice the fundamental gymnastics skills on our professional equipment including our spring floor, trampolines, balance beams, and bars. Designed to teach strength, flexibility, and coordination in a fun and progressive manner, this program is open to everyone and is sure to have your daughter counting the hours until her next class.

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Rhythmic Sundays+

Less intense than the weeknight recreational classes, these rhythmic-style gymnastics classes are a great Sunday activity. Girls will enjoy a class of gymnastics-style dance with balls, ribbons, and hoops, in addition to utilizing all our traditional gymnastics equipment. This is not an instructional gymnastics class but rather an enjoyable Sunday class for aspiring gymnasts/dancers.

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Open Gym+

Geared towards students from grades 7 and up, Open Gym is unique in its appeal to girls of all skill levels who are looking for a stimulating night out. Participants are allowed access to our entire array of equipment so that they can practice skills at their own pace or hone in on their Gymnastics skills. Coaches are provided for students who wish to receive coaching assistance.

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Designed as a healthy energy outlet for athletic-minded boys, our Gym'Bros classes are less instructional and more freestyle ninja based, so that students can jump, roll, and tumble utilizing our vast array of equipment in a fun, structured setting.


Your daughter's gymnastics journey starts here. The curriculum is age-appropriate and focuses on foundational skills that develop strength, balance, flexibility, and more. Upon graduation of preschool program, coaches will recommend the most suitable gymnastics track for your daughter.

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Private Classes+

Private and semi-private classes offer an extra leg up for students in any of our programs. Classes are 60 or 90 minutes long, and you enjoy using various pieces of equipment and matting to help address and perfect the specific skill(s) you wish to improve.

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GEMS Squad+

A stimulating and fun class geared for recreational gymnasts with more advanced floor skills. Each level learns a routine incorporating their acquired skills along with choreographed dance moves. Students in this group also train in advanced tumbling skills.

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Stars Track

For those who wish to star in the field of gymnastics, these two-hour classes provide a more structured and demanding training regimen. With a stronger focus on conditioning, form, and skills from USAG levels 1-3, prepare to be star-struck as your daughter progresses into a talented gymnast.

Mini-Stars +

As its name suggests, this program is geared for our youngest star gymnasts, girls from grades 1-4. Students will work on the fundamental skills and conditioning that are part of USAG levels 1-3. Although not a requirement, the majority of enrollees are graduates of our 6-Stars program. Gymnasts who weren’t a part of our preschool and 6-Stars program may be invited to this class after being evaluated by our Stars Head Coach.

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The big sister of the Mini-Stars program, Mega-Stars is identical in scope and sequence to Mini-Stars but designed for gymnasts in grades 5 and above.

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Shooting Stars +

When our Team Head Coach identifies a star gymnast who might have what it takes to compete on our team, she will be invited to Shooting Stars. These aspiring stars train together with some of our level 3 team gymnasts and get their first feel of what it takes to successfully practice and compete on a high level.

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team Track

The Team Track requires the most commitment from both the gymnasts and their parents. Team gymnasts receive rigorous training multiple times per week in order to compete against elite Jewish gymnasts from around the country. Team classes are divided by the USAG Levels. See more Team information here.

Level 3 +

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3+ +

Level 3+ is for students who show potential for level 4. The girls train alongside our level 4 gymnasts and start working on level 4 skills when they're ready.

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Level 4 +

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Level 5+

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