Our classes are divided along two general paths:
Recreational gymnastics and Competitive gymnastics.

Our Recreational Program offers a wide variety of classes based on age. These classes meet weekly, and the gymnasts are taught the basics of form, flexibility, and skills in four areas: tumbling on the floor, the uneven bars, balance beam, and tumbling on the tumbl trak (similar to a trampoline).
Another Recreational opportunity we offer at GymPros is Rhythmic Sundays. Less intense than recreational programs, these rhythmic-style gymnastics classes are a great Sunday activity. Girls will enjoy a class of gymnastics-style dance with balls, ribbons, and hoops, in addition to utilizing all our traditional gymnastics equipment. This is not an instructional gymnastics class but rather an enjoyable Sunday class for aspiring gymnasts/dancers.

Alongside our Recreational Track, is our GymPros Team Track. Being part of the GymPros Team requires years of preparation which can start as early as age three. Joining our Team generally begins with several seasons spent in our Stars Track programs. These programs are progressive in nature, and prepare the gymnasts for eventual acceptance onto Team GymPros.


Preschool Stars

Our Preschool Stars program is designed to introduce 3, 4, and 5 year old gymnasts to the foundation skills in tumbling, uneven bars, and balance beam. The Preschool Stars program also introduces young children to working in a group, and to being attentive and cooperative with their Coaches. The gymnasts in Preschool Stars work on flexibility and strength in an atmosphere of fun with exciting games and challenges!


Our 6-Stars program was created especially for graduates of our 5-Star Preschool Program who are entering first grade. The 6-Star program continues to build upon the fundamental skills introduced the previous season, while introducing new skills to help the gymnasts prepare for acceptance into our Mini-Stars program. The 6-Stars class meets once per week on Wednesdays at 5 pm for one full hour during our GymPros Recreational session.


Our Mini-Stars program is designed for children who are in grades 1-4 and have graduated from our Preschool Stars program. (Gymnasts can be invited to Mini-Stars without having attended Preschool Stars after being evaluated by our Team Head Coach.)This class continues to build on the foundation created in Preschool Stars and introduces the gymnasts to skills and drills from USAG (USA Gymnastics) Levels 1-3. Upon mastering the skills in Mini-Stars, gymnasts are invited by our Team Head Coach to advance to the next level in our Stars Track called Shooting Stars!


Our Mega-Stars program is identical in scope and sequence to our Mini-Stars program, but is designed for gymnasts in grades 5 and above. Just like in our Mini-Stars program, gymnasts will be invited by our Team Head Coach to advance to Shooting Stars! after mastering the skills taught in Mega-Stars.

Shooting Stars!

Shooting Stars! is the next program in our Stars Track and is designed for gymnasts selected from both Mini and Mega-Stars. This program is designed to prepare gymnasts for acceptance onto to our Level 3 Competitive Team. In Shooting Stars!, the gymnasts typically train alongside of our Level 3 gymnasts and work toward mastering many of the USA level 3 skills. Once a gymnast has shown mastery in her Shooting Stars! skills, she will be invited by our Team Head Coach to join Level 3.

In all of Stars and Team programs, gymnasts can expect to spend anywhere from 12 to 18 months per level. Gymnasts do not automatically advance each season. Gymnasts who work hard and improve can be invited to advance at any time but must show mastery in the skills being taught before advancing. All of our gymnast placements must be approved by our Team Head Coach. This is to ensure each gymnast is being taught is a class that is matched to her ability. Advancing girls before they are ready is not only unsafe but gives a gymnast a false sense of her actual ability. The more time a gymnast spends mastering the basic skills of gymnastics, the more quickly she will build the strength, flexibility, and confidence to succeed in more advanced levels.